Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting India

The best dedicated server hosting services in India in a small package

Do you own a high traffic website or a large business that needs maximum security and complete flexibility and in your own control? Take a look at our servers and choose the one that is ideal for your business. A dedicated server is a good alternative to being used for those customers who want to build their own shared hosting platform among other things.

Cheapest Dedicated Server in India

affordable dedicated server in india

WMirchi offers wholly owned core data centers for you to choose from. we have dedicated servers in India, France, Canada and the USA.

A dedicated server can be the ideal solution for your business or your high traffic website. The dedicated server always allowed for maximum customization, configuration, installation and offers you all the flexibility that is needed to completely manage a website or your business.

 If you are a website owner and you want complete control of your system resources and security,  a dedicated server might just be the answer. Because our servers are designed to take your business to the next level. With our servers you can expect a high level of security, unmatched speed and a 100% of up time. 

A dedicated server from WMirchi is not just any server it’s something that you will need to maximize and optimize your hosting experience as well as for you and your visitor.  we offer all the necessary tools and high-quality performance that you get from other service providers for a fraction of the cost. We maintain services throughout multiple Geographic locations which gives you a very good performance and versatility.

Our dedicated server service is coupled with superior technology and offers very good technical support and has been in operations for more than 10 years.  we currently offer this service to clients in India, France, Canada, and the USA. 


Take your business to the next level with our affordable dedicated servers

Dedicated Server Hosting India